Electrical Service

We at Affordable Services Pte ltd give a wide range of services that you need to ensure the greatest adequacy of your aircon. With our services, you can keep up your aircon, increase its life expectancy just as save energy, which continuously will allow you to stay protected from high-energy charges.


Every time when there is an electrical emergency, Affordable Services Pte ltd Singapore has at all times been prepared to aid customers all across the nation. It is not merely about giving an expert electrician, our objective here is to give the customer an extremely skilled, licensed, and well-familiar electrician who can do any sort of electrical work at residential and commercial properties both. That is what we give our services whenever customers contact us to appoint an electrician in Singapore.

Individuals habitually overlook significant things about electricians whenever they require a professional urgently. Whether it is a short circuit, broken wires, or merely a usual electrical fitting task, your electrician should have sufficient experience and understanding of doing these tasks with ease. At Affordable Services Pte ltd, you will get topmost expert specialists who can identify the error, do the repair work, and make sure a continuing electrical supply in your home or office.

Categories Of Carpentry Services That We Give

Lights Repair And Replacement Services Singapore

If you are facing an issue getting your lighting to work and cannot understand the reason for the issue, just give us a call. We offer this service anywhere in Singapore. Our specialist will inspect your lights fitting for noticeable issues, taking away the fixture if required. If our specialist concludes that your light fitting is damaged, he can install a new one.

Switch Repair/replacement Services Singapore

Switches are comparatively simple, thus normally either they work or they do not. The additional option is that they do not work safe and sound, meaning the electricity bends or sparks in the switch–a probable fire threat.

Recessed Lights Installation Services Singapore

For the contemporary charm that recessed lights features give, call us now about recessed lights installation. We offer this service everywhere in Singapore. Our specialists can discuss the finest approach for installing recessed lighting in the areas you like, plus we can arrange appointments that suit your timetable.

Electrical Rewiring Services

Though every home might require the services of an electrical expert – rewiring your house is not something you may ignore. If you wish to rewire your old house and fix electrical problems in the area of your home, do not hesitate to call us, our specialists will reach you anyplace in Singapore

Ceiling Fan Installation/replacement​

Skilled electricians at Affordable Services Pte ltd can simply handle the task of ceiling fan installation and replacement. The contemporary ceiling fans are no longer used merely for making the room cool. These fans are now used as the aesthetic component that every single homeowner and commercialist wish to have.

A normal fan will do nothing in Singapore’s moist climate. You require a better solution that merely the professionals can provide. We allocate the most skilled electrician on your task when you call us.

Contact Our Expert Team​

Affordable Services Pte Ltd Singapore offers brilliant support when it comes to undertaking home maintenance issues. With realistic and affordable rates, you can get excellent handyman workmanship. We provide an extensive range of additional services along with carpentry services. Need help finding out a precise problem? Call us now at +65 64328496 or email us at support@handymanservicessingapore.com, for clear quotation and authentic pricing for all your handyman requirements. We provide a rapid and effective service to serve any of your handyman requirements!
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